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Table Headers

You can customize which headers you see in the table view by clicking the purple table and highlighting the names of the headers you want.

1 - Action Header

There are 3 icons for all types of documents excluding text, which will not feature the download button.
The Edit button allows you to change attributes and text that our technology scanned and chose to include for your document. If there are items that you would like to exclude (
) or edit (
) from the list.
The Delete button allows users to delete the file from the database.
The Download button allows users to download the file onto their device.

2 - Indexed By

We’ve added a column to let users know who uploaded the documents.

3 - Type

Quickly see what type of doc was uploaded, this is picked by the user on upload.

4 - Status

If your data was not able to be scanned by our AI Knowledge Base System, this will be where you will be alerted.
Last modified 1mo ago