Checking Assets Out and In

We want our customers to find what works for them. Here are several ways you can check out and in your assets.

1 - Bulk Checkout from the Menu

When you have a staff member who has multiple items checked out to them, bulk checkout is the best method to use to assign the items to the user.

In the Asset Management tab select Assets. Click the + in the top right corner and select Bulk Checkout from the menu. You will be prompted to choose which assets you would like to assign. You can use the search feature and assign by asset name or tag number, or use the bulk load feature on the side if you are assigning an entire chromecart for example. *Note: Only assets that are able to be deployed and not checkedout will be appear in the list.

Next, you will choose the user(s) who will receive the assets. You can search by name, or again use the bulk load feature.

On the Map Data Page, you will chose which assets go to which user, if you chose multiple users, the page will tell you how to select multiple assets and link to the users.

Confirm your users and assets, and save your changes.

2 - Bulk Checkout by Checking Assets' Boxes

If you have multiple assets of the same model, or you can easily search and find them like I have below, you can select the boxes next to the names and click the + menu tab. Notice that the menu options have increased now due to selecting assets. You will select Bulk Checkout. Again, these assets must be able to be deployed and must be checked in to use this feature.

Next we will choose our user or users that will be checking out our assets and assign the assets to them. Once we have mapped the appropriate assets to the user, we can confirm and your system will update your devices.

3 - Bulk Checkin by User

For this feature, we are going to search using our filter. First we will filter by our user, this will pull up all assets checkout by this user.

Once we have our filtered search pulled up, we can select which assets we are checking back in. I would like to checkin all items, so I selected the select all checkbox, then clicked the + menu button and selected Bulk Checkin.

The system will prompt you to ensure that you want to check the selected assets back in and will give you the total amount of assets for you to ensure you have the same number of assets in you count. Select OK, and the assets will now go back into your inventory as available.

4 - Bulk Checkin by Selecting Multiple Assets

I used the search bar to base my assets on location in this example. If you are a user whose permission is restricted to location only, then this will not need to be done. You can use whatever search you would like in order to select what assets you are checking in.

Select the assets that you are receiving for checkin, click the + menu button, then select Bulk Checkin. You will be prompted that you are about to check in x amount of devices. Double check the amount of devices you collected with the amount on the screen. Select OK to checkin the devices, or cancel to edit you selection.

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