🖱️Creating Accessories

1 - Creating Single Accessory

To create a single accessory, click the + button located at the top right of the screen.

You will then be prompted to fill in the form for your accessory. The more information you fill out, the better our system can help you when it comes to the lifecyle of your accessory.

Click the create button and your new accessory is now in the system.

2 - Bulk Create Accessories

To create multiple accessories in our system you can click on the + button and select Bulk Create.

You will be prompted to fill in the fields for each accessory that you have. In the view below, I have added multiple rows to show that you can create as many accessories at once as you would like. Once you've entered the data into the fields, click save and you will be notified when your bulk create is uploaded.

3 - Bulk Create through Upload

If you would rather download our CSV template and upload your accessories, or you already have a CSV file and prefer to upload it into our system, we have an option for you as well.

If you need a template, click the + button at the top right and select template.

When you are ready to upload your file, click the upload button.

You will be asked to map your headers. If any are red, you will not be able to move to the next screen. Click next and map your data.

Once that is done, confirm all information is correct and save your documents. You will get an email once the upload is completed.

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