👨‍🏫Setting Up Roles

If you have the same key staff members you can set roles to have the same permissions for those users.

1 - Creating Roles

  1. Click the "+ button" at the top right of the screen, select "Create".

  1. Create your role name and select permissions for the role.

  1. You are able to select permissions across any of our products you have access to for your roles.

  2. Once you have selected all the permissions for the role you are creating, click "Save".

2 - Assigning Roles

When adding a new user you are able to assign a predetermined role to the user.

  1. Under "Core > People" click on the "+ button" and select "Create".

  1. Input your User's information into the first page, then select "Next".

  2. Select the role the user is assigned to. You can click the "eye" icon to see what the user will have permissions for in this role. If this user needs to have additional permissions, toggle the custom permissions and select any other permissions they need. Click "Next" to move on to "Custom Values".

  1. Add any custom values you may need, and then finish the user's permissions by saving on the final screen.

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