Creating Bundles

Getting Started

*You can now create empty bundles (See Below)

  1. Choosing what goes in to your bundle is entirely up to your team. We are here solely to walk you through how to create a bundle. Start by clicking the + button and selecting Create.

  1. Next you will be prompted to select what is included in your bundle. For the sake of this walk through, my bundle will include a bit of everything. I will start with Assets.

  1. I want to do a bulk load for a Classroom set of computers. Since they need to be in a classroom I need to filter my Type by Location and narrow that down. I chose Tomball, so I can easily access the computers close to the classroom I am locating them for. When I filter this information I notice that nothing pops up in my search until I select Load. Once that is clicked, my preferences are chosen and my devices are loaded.

  1. I went through and deleted (by clicking the trashcan icon) any devices that were not Acer C732T. That way all devices were the same and we could easily spot these devices from others.

  1. Next, I toggled from assets to Accessories to add a smart tablet device for the teacher and also added a License for a TI Calculator as well I did a bulk load by manufacturer for both of these. Make sure on these that you change the quantity needed to just 1, or however many needed for each bundle. If you notice, I have not changed the quantity I need on the License yet. It will automatically input how many you have. You will need to adjust this number.

  1. Once you select next, you will be prompted to name and describe the bundle. This will be available to all of your team, so make sure that you choose something that is easily distinguishable.

Creating Empty Bundles

  1. Click on the "+" button at the top right of the screen.

If you want to create a single empty bundle, click "Create" and follow steps 2-4 , If you would like to create a bulk bundles, click "Bulk Create" and follow steps 5-6 .

  1. Click "Create" and then click "Next" on the following screen without adding anything.

  1. The following prompt will appear, click "Yes"

  1. Name your Bundle and add a description if you would like. Click "Save" and you are done.

  1. Click "Create Bulk"

  2. Name your bundles and add descriptions. Either tab through the name and description to add rows, or click "+ Add Row" to add more bundles. Click "Save" once you are done.

All of your bundles will show up in your console.

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