Here is your home page for Asset Management and where you will view recent changes, total number of assets, licenses, accessories, and consumables in your inventory.

1 - The Dashboard View

At the top of your dashboard you will have access to a quick view of your total number of assets, licenses, accessories, and consumables. If you click on the More Info link for any of the options, it will bring you to that menu to search for whichever particular type of asset you'd like.

The bottom part of your dashboard will show you the recent activity of all users, if this option is setup for the user, or just the user viewing if permission is limited. On the right is a pie chart of Deployed Assets. When you hover over the chart, you can see the number of deployed, or ready to deploy assets.

The Recent Activity Table allows you to go into further detail beyond the scope of this view by clicking on the Item name, or the Admin name. If I click on the Item name, I can view the info and history of the item, if it is apart of a bundle as well as it's fund history.

For instance, we recently updated this asset and changed the user. Our system automatically checked in the asset from the current user, and checked out the asset to the new user when the update was done. If you look at the last 3 action items and dates, you will see they were all done at the same time and date due to the update.

By clicking on the Admin's name, you will view the users permissions, activity, any tickets, assets, etc that they have assigned/checkout to them.

2 - Custom Dashboard

We've added a new feature for those of you who have report permissions. You are now able to customize your dashboard.

  1. Click the "+" button to start your customizations, select "Edit Layout".

  1. Select one of your widgets to edit. You can click on the arrow to edit, or change the size of the widget on the bottom right corner.

  1. When you edit the widget, you can choose the name of Title and select the report you would like to use for the widget. You will need to delete the previous name of the report to select the new report.

  1. Click the "+" again and select "Save Layout".

Your new report will show up in the edited widget.

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