🛠️Custom Ticket Builder

Build your own tickets or use our premade tickets.

Building your own Custom Ticket

  1. (Optional) Create a Ticket Category if you would like a new type of ticket to be active. *Only 1 ticket can be active in a category at a time.

  2. In Custom Ticket Builder (CTB), select Builder.

  3. Create a Name for your ticket, and choose the Ticket Category you want to associate this ticket with.

  4. Create your first Question/ Label for your ticket. In this example we are doing a selection based question. Under Options, type what you want in the dropdown menu pressing enter to add a new selection. You can choose to made a question/ label required by clicking the checkbox next to "Required".

  5. (Optional) Add conditions to your Question/ Label. Click the "Add Condition" button and choose what type of condition you want to add.

    • Here is what this question and these conditions look like for the user.

    • Drop down menu selection.

    • If the selection fits the condition.

    • If the selection does not fit the condition.

  6. Continue making questions/ labels until you are satisfied with your custom ticket.

  7. When your ticket is complete, you can preview the user's view to make sure it is up to your standards. *Make sure you click the box under Active to put this ticket in use.

  8. Select "Create".

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