📝Setting Permissions for Users

AssetRemix allows for a wide variety of roles for users. You can choose to use the roles we have preselected, or pick and choose your own.

Permission levels

Our SuperUser is the main administrator, one SuperUser must be held on the account at all times. Once you will be asked to select a department in the first screen. The department is for location restrictions for assets and help desk.

In the second screen, you will be prompted to select your users role if you choose to do so. These roles can be preset. You can customized your user's permissions on the current screen, or choose a role and customize your user's permissions. If you have more than one feature; such as Asset Management and Help Desk, make sure you select each tab to select permissions if choosing Custom Permissions.

If you have any Custom Values you would like to add, you may do so in the third screen. Before you are able to finish, you will be shown a screen with your users new permissions and asked to save or edit.

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