🏷️Generating Barcodes

For easier check in/out you can generate bar codes for printing. Here is how:

1 - Select your assets that you would like to create barcodes for.

Once you've selected your assets, click the + menu button in the top right corner of the page and select the Generate Barcode option.

When the reports first generates, your tags may be all together. You are able to use the printer options that we have, or customize your own dimensions. After choosing the printer, or dimensions, select the apply/ save button to see the new layout.

Once you are satisfied with your layout, the print feature is at the top right of the page. You will be prompted to choose the printer you'd like to use to print the barcodes.

2 - Generating Barcodes by Bulk Checkout

If you would like help with Bulk Checkout see out documentation HERE. Once you have mapped your assets to your users, you will be asked to print barcodes on the last screen before you save your changes. By clicking the Print button, you can chose to Print Tags, or Print Report, or both!

Printing Tags will allow you the same printer and customization options as above. Make sure you save your mapping after printing.

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