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Ticket Rule

Here is an explanation of the variation of rules that our system has and how to apply it to your team. These rules apply to users that are designated as Admin and have the Help Desk permissions.

1 - Email All Rule

In the top right corner of the screen (image above) click the + button, select Create. Choose a name for your rule. For example, if you are top admin and you want emails for all categories of tickets, then name your rule Email All Categories. If you are the IT Department head and want your IT team to get emails for all tickets IT related, name it, Email All IT.
Next under Rule Engine, select Email All. This will send an email for all tickets, that you've toggle on, in Options 3 - Outgoing Emails.
Select your Categories next. You can choose as many as you want, but you must choose at least 1 category.
Choose the Agents/Admin that you want to receive emails about the above categories. *Remember they will only receive emails if you've toggle email permission on in the Help Desk>Settings>Options>Outgoing Emails.
Check the Active box to make sure this rule is Active. You will have to deactivate other rules that have the same category in them. *Only one active category rule can apply at a time.

2 - Round Robin

Round Robin Starts with first agent listed, then goes to 2nd, then 3rd, continues patten for more agents listed, then goes back to first and repeats.
Similar to the rule above, you will give a name to your rule and choose the "Round Robin" Rule Engine from the drop down menu.
Select a category that is not already in a rule use, and choose the agents that are available to work in this category. These are the agents who will be assigned these tickets, so they do need to be in that department.
Here is where you can choose to use Location Restriction. If you have an Agent at the same location of the user that has submitted the ticket, the ticket will automatically go to that agent. If multiple agents are at the location, then the Round Robin rule applies to the agents at that location. Chose the active checkbox to make this rule go into effect.
Click create and your rule will now start applying to new tickets that are created.

3 - Least First

This rule assigns jobs to the agents with the least amount of tickets first. Similar to Round Robin, you can also have Location Restriction for your agents put into place.
Chose a name for your rule and select "Least First" from the Rule Engine drop-down menu.
Choose a category that does not have an active rule attached to it, and assign the agents who will be assigned to work on the tickets.
Choose if you would like location restriction on or off, and select active to apply the rule for upcoming tickets.
Click create and the "Least First" rule will now apply to tickets created under the selected category.
Last modified 4mo ago