🧰Creating Multiple Item Tickets on Assigned Items

You can now add multiple assets and items in to one ticket to make Help Desk as easily accessible as possible for our users.

1 - Creating a Ticket in the Console

  1. Under "Help Desk" click "Request Help"

  2. Select who the ticket is being created for. In this example I chose myself. *If you are creating a ticket for another user, you will need to choose the user next.

  1. Choose the type of ticket you need to create. *In order to create a multi item ticket, you will need to choose one that has assigned assets.

  2. Select the assets you want to add to the ticket. *You can toggle the "Select All" on if you have items to add that are not assigned to this user.

  3. From the drop down menu, select the issue with the device. I selected other since my devices had different issues. I will write the issues in a comment after the ticket is made.

  4. Add a date that the device was broken, if different from the date the ticket was made. Click "Submit".

  5. Your ticket will be made immediately with all assets added. You can add comments if you would like.

2 - Creating a Multi Item Ticket via Email

  1. Compose a new email, send it to your assigned item email address under "Help Desk>Settings>Options>Email to Tickets".

  2. Using our Email Help Desk Hashtag Language, add the user, types and items you are wanting to make a ticket for. *One user per ticket, types and items must have the same number of inputs. For example if I am adding 3 assets and 2 accessories, type should say #type:asset,asset,asset,accessory,accessory and item should have 3 asset tags followed by 2 accessory names.

  3. Once you send the email, it will take a few minutes to be put into the console. You will get an email letting you know when it is complete.

  4. When the upload is completed, you will see your ticket with the assigned items populated.

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