💬Comments on Tickets

Need to add comments on tickets? See our list of how-to's!

1 - Adding a Comment on a Ticket for All Users

  1. If you want to add a comment to let all users know any updates to the status of the ticket, you can click on the text box in the comment section of the ticket.

  1. Click "Save" and the comment will be posted. *If email option has been chosen, all users attached to the ticket will be emailed the comment as well.

2 - Adding a Private Comment for Help Desk Agents Only

  1. If you would like to add a comment that only you, the agent, or any other Help Desk agents of your choosing can see, then you can click on the private box and create your comment similar to section 1.

  1. When you go to save your comment, you will be prompted to tag any agent that you want to share this comment with. If you would like to keep this comment private for yourself, click save in the prompt. Otherwise, type in the name or email of the agent you'd like to share with and save the comment. *These comments will not send notifications since they are private.

  1. Hover over the lock and you will see who has access to the private comment including yourself. If no one else has access, it will say "Only You".

3 - Notifying Agents in Comments

You can use hashtags to notify and add agents into your comments. These comments can be public or private and will notify the agent by email.

  1. To pull up the list of agents, type # and all of the help desk agents will pull up.

  1. Continue your comment and either "Save" or select "Private"

  1. If you select private, then the person you have tagged will be added to the comment as a viewer. You will not be able to delete them from the list of viewers. Click "Save" and this person will automatically be sent an email to notify them of the comment.

4 - Editing a Comment

You can edit a comment you've made whether it is public or private. *You must be in the ticket page to edit the comment, not the dropdown menu of the ticket.

  1. To edit a previous comment that you've made, click on the ticket ID to enter the above screen.

  2. Next to the comment you want to edit, click the edit icon. Your comment will appear in the comment box below, where new comments would usually go. You can then edit your comment.

  1. Once you've updated your comment, you can choose change the viewers of the comment as well. *Our new comment box allows you to reformat your text to meet your needs as well.

  1. Once you've save the updated comment, it will show as edited to all selected viewers.

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