📋Assigning Accessories

1 - Checking Out Accessories in Assigned Tab

There are 2 ways to view accessory information. One way is to click on the name of the accessory, another is the click on the arrow next to the name for a drop down menu. Click on the Assigned tab and click the number next to Available for Checkout.

Fill in the following prompt, select user from a drop down menu or start typing in user name/email. If you would like to give a reason as to why the user needs the license check the box and type a comment. Select Check Out when completed. *Note: Only one user can be assigned at a time. Multiple users can be checkout out to, but will need to repeat this process for each user.

2 - Checking Out Accessories in Table View

Click on the Check Out button on the accessory row that you'd like to check out.

Follow the steps from above with the user prompt.

3 - Checking In Accessories

In the Assigned view click the Check In button next to the User you are checking in the accessory for.

When you hover over the check in, there will be two options for you to select.

Selecting Detailed will allow you to add a comment, as well as immediately check the devices out to another user.

If you select instant, you will be prompted to select how many the user is returning, the system will inform you how many items the user has. No other information is allowed at that time.

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