Assets under this tab pertain to IT equipment within your organization that combines financial, contractual, and inventory data to track the status of IT assets across their lifecycle.

Examples of Assets are as following:

  • Computers

  • Laptops

  • Printers

  • Projectors

  • iPads

The Asset Landing Page

On our asset landing page, you can search, filter, sort by columns, change the amount of records, and change the columns, along with the myriad of items you will see listed in our Asset Management subpages.

  • The first feature on this page we've spotlighted is our asset pulldown menu. By clicking on the arrow next to an asset, you are able to view the info, history, etc. of the asset.

Editing and Deleting an Asset

  • In our Actions column users with permission are able to edit or delete assets. Click on the pencil and paper to edit and the trashcan to delete.

Changing Column View

  • By clicking on our table sort button, you can change the view on your table. In this view, all titles are available, but if I click and unhighlight location and purchase cost for example, in my next screen, those columns will be hidden.

  • As you can see, 7 out of my 9 columns are visible.

  • You can also toggle the columns by clicking next to the title you want to sort. I've selected Name and have sorted from Z>A by clicking next to name until the arrow pointed down. *Note, you will not be able to toggle the Checkin/ Checkout column or the Action column.


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