Searchable Report

Here is an example of our searchable reports.

  1. Open a new report builder. Type in a name for the report.

  2. Select "Searchable Report" in the option dropdown.

  3. Select which "Entity" you want to search. (For this report I chose "Activity". When I chose "Activity" I was able to chose which type of activity I wanted to search as well.)

  4. Select the conditions in which you want to search. You can narrow down your search as much as you'd like. (I chose "Date>Between" in order to find a specific timeframe. I also chose "Action>Exact Match> Check In")

  5. Click "Preview" to check what your report will look like. Make any changes now if you find you are not getting what you need out of your report.

  6. Save your report. You can click the button at the bottom to make public to your workspace.

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