JAMF School

Visit your JAMF School panel to get started with our integration process.

Getting Started

  1. Sign in to your JAMF School account.

  1. Under "Devices" and "Email Device(s)" follow the steps under "To enroll". Once you're enrolled, you will be given and "Network ID" and a "Location Code" to enter into JAMF School.

  1. Click "Settings" and click on "Add API Key".

  1. Name your API key, make sure a Key has been generated. Select "Read" and give the key a description.


  1. In AssetRemix, enter the information from your JAMF School.


  1. Select the JAMF School Metadata you would like for the AssetRemix fields. You can also select the "Prefer Local" box if you'd like the data to be ignored in an update. Click "Save" to complete the integration.

Syncing JAMF

JAMF does not sync on it's own. You must manually sync for any updates.

  1. Click on "Execute" then "Sync"

  2. You will receive an email when the sync is complete.

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