💲Creating Invoices for Fines

You can now create an invoice for your fines.

  1. Set up your Header for your invoices. You will do this under "Settings > Core", it only needs to be completed once.

  2. Select the person or people who you want to create an invoice for (all fines will go into one invoice. Only use multiple people if creating a family invoice). You can create an invoice for 1 person with multiple fines as well. Once you've selected all of the fines, click the "+ > Create Invoice".

  3. If you've selected multiple people, chose the person you want to create an invoice for.

  4. You can choose to add customer details if you would like. *You will have to manually do this each as we do not keep student addresses in our system.

  5. If you would like to add a due date the date will automatically be put in the footer of the invoice. You can add a note if desired.

  6. Click "Create" you will be automatically directed to the "Invoice" page.

  7. Click on the "Download" button under "Actions" to download the invoice and send or print.

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