✏️Bulk Editing and Deleting

1 - Bulk Editing

If you have several licenses that need to be edited or updated there are two options to edit these. You can select the licenses that need editing by clicking the boxes next to the title, then clicking the + button and selecting Bulk Edit.

Complete any of the updates/ edits that you need to make on the next screen, then select save. A prompt will appear stating that you will receive an update when this edit is finalized.

2 - Bulk Editing by Uploading

The second way to bulk edit is to update your information by downloading the license data that you want to update, editing the file that needs to be updated, then uploading the new CSV. The important step in this edit is to not delete the first column that has the ID numbers attached to the license. This tells our system that we are updating the license, not creating a new license.

First, select your licenses to download, click the download button.

Open the download and edit the fields you need updated on your license. Upload your CSV, you will be prompted to map your header data. Click next and map your data. Once that is done, confirm all information is correct and save your documents. You will get an email once the upload is completed. For a detailed explanation on uploading a CSV, see here.

3 - Bulk Deleting

Did you recently get rid of multiple licenses and need to delete them all at once? Select the licenses you need to delete, click the + button and select Bulk Delete. You will be prompted to confirm you are deleting the desired amount of licenses. Select OK to continue, and cancel to go back.

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