🧑‍💻Creating a Ticket for Others

If you have permissions that allow your to create tickets for others, here are a few ways to go about creating tickets.

1 - Creating a Request in the Console

Under Help Desk in the console, click on Request Help. The first prompt will ask who you are requesting help for. Once you select "for other user" the next prompt will allow you to select the user or type in the name of the user. *Note: User must already be in the database.

The third prompt will ask you which type of ticket you are creating. Select the ticket type from the menu and the screen will automatically move on to the last prompt. Before your ticket can be made, you will need to choose the item the ticket is being created for, and the issue for the ticket. Click submit and your ticket will be created.

The ticket will appear on the Help Desk screen once it is created. You will be able to see the details of the ticket and have editing capabilities as well.

2 - Creating a Ticket via Email

There could be times when an admin wants to open a ticket on behalf of another user account. In order to do this, the user with permissions will send an email to your support email `helpdesk@<domain>.com` and insert a special tag in the email text of “#user:<users_email>” where “#user:” should always be used to open a ticket on behalf of an end user and following the colon should be a valid end user email address. *Note: You can not reply to the sending email and create a comment, doing this will create a new ticket. You can only add comments from a ticket that was sent to you from AdminRemix. These emails will look as follows “+<TICKET_ID>@inbound.adminremix.com” or you can reply to a previous email about tickets.

If you have permissions to assign an admin to do the task you could also do so in the email, as well. Here I assigned an admin to the ticket, as well as a user. I gave an asset number, but did not use any hashtag language for the tag.

By using the # language through email, I was able to assign both the user and that admin to this ticket.

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