Google Workspace

  1. Select Google from our list under Integrations, then SSO.

  1. From your Google Admin console, click "Apps" from the sidebar then click "Web and mobile apps" from the list. If your application is already created, choose it from the list and move to step 3 in the process (step 5 in this documentation). If you've not created a SAML application, click "Add custom SAML app" from the menu.

  1. Give your application an "App Name" and click "CONTINUE"

  1. From the next screen, click "Download METADATA" to download the metadata XML file, then click "Continue".

  1. Enter the following values in the "Service provider details" section:

    Click "Continue" to save the configuration.

  1. Under the "Attributes" section, you have to configure the following attributes:

    After you have configured the attributes, click "Finish" to save the configuration.

  2. On the next screen, click "User Access" to configure the application to allow users to log in.

  3. Check the "ON for everyone" checkbox and click "Save".

  4. Upload your XML file to our system.

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